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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

check saman anda secara online di SINI...isi no ic jer

p/s: aku ade tiga saman daa....


You're Old When...

You're Old When...

• You can live without sex, but not without your glasses.

• You quit trying to hold your stomach in, no matter who walks into the room.

• You enjoy watching the news.

• The phone rings, and you hope it's not for you.

• The only reason you're still awake at 4 am is indigestion.

• You're proud of your lawnmower.

• You start singing along with elevator music.

• You really DO want a new washing machine for your birthday.

• You routinely check the oil in your car.

• You've owned clothes so long that they've come back into style - TWICE.

• You no longer think of speed limits as a challenge.

• You consider coffee one of the most important things in life.

• 8 am is your idea of 'sleeping in'.

• You write thank you notes without being told.

• Neighbors borrow your tools.

• You answer a question with, "Because I said so!"

• Others ask for your recipes.

• You start Christmas shopping in August.

• You paint walls for a reason other than getting your deposit back.

• You don't like to drive after dark.

• You say the words, "Turn that music down!" too often.

• You point out what buildings used to be where.

• You know all the warning signs of a heart attack.

• You rake the yard without being told to.

• You can't remember the last time you laid on the floor to watch television.


K-Movie: Emergency Act 19

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Also known as:
Emergency Measure 19

Language: Korean

Subtitle: English (Soft-subbed)

Release Date: 2002

Genre: Satire / Parody / Action / Comedy / Revolution


To some people, Emergency Measure 19 is no doubt a dream comes true. It has brought almost all the popular idols in Korea together. Try to imagine, Kangta, FinKL, ShinHwa, Click-B, Baby Vox, Ha Ri-Su, and many more are all in one single film! If you are a K-Pop fan, merely the cast list is already the biggest allurement for you to get the film.

The story of this film is quite illogical and whimsical. The Korean government is afraid that pop singers and their songs are having too much political influence, that the chief secretary has decided to pass a new law called "emergency measure 19" in which every pop singer in the country is to be arrested and jailed.

The establishment of such insane laws angers the fans and supporters of the singers and it results in a big strike that is going out of control... The plot is quite loose and is built up from many fragments that do not seem to be closely related, for instance, there is a scene where you see ShinHwa is being interrogated in a cell, then in another scene, Kangta is beating some government agents.

Most of these scenes are very funny and humorous, but don't expect any intense drama there. In addition, the film also contains some interesting political metaphors that may not appear too meaningful for outsiders who know nothing about the politics in Korea.

Kim Jang-hoon as himself
Hong Kyung-min as himself
Kong Hyo-jin as Min-ji
No Ju-hyeon as the Chief Secretary
Ju Yeong-hun as himself
Cameos: Baby V.O.X., Shinhwa, Kangta, Brown Eyes, Click-B
Fin.K.L, NRG, Can, Harisu, Chakra & Koyote

Watch HERE


K-Movie: Spring Bears Love

Also known as
: Bomnalui gomeul johahaseyo

Language: Korean

Subtitle: English (Soft-subbed)

Release Date: 2003

Genre: Comedy / Romance


A young woman named Hyun-chae is on train looking through an art book. As she turns the pages, she discovers a written message underneath a picture of bears playing together in the springtime. She reads:

I like you so much.
Like a bear in springtime, I know your secrets
... you're like a lovely bear.
This is just the beginning of my love for you.
Next book is Gustave Caillebette 'Young Man at His Window'.

Hyun-chae is an unlucky girl who has trouble finding love. Born with bad manners, she is unable to keep a guy for very long. Throughout her life, she has been unsuccessful with love, but goes on through life with her bad manners and pure honesty. Her father, an alcoholic, a heavysmoker, and a writer, often counts on Hyun-chae to bring him art books from the library, saying that they help him think better. Hyun-chae, desperate as she is to fall in love, fails to see that her best friend from childhood, Dong-ha came back from the military to be with her. Instead, Chae-hyun becomes obsessed with the man that has written the love notes inside the art books, believing that they are meant for her. With this thought in mind, she seeks out the writer with a determined state of mind, believing that every man she meets could possibly be this mere stranger. But are those library love notes really meant for her?

Du-na Bae as Jeong Hyun-jae
Nam-jin Kim as Lee Dong-ha
Ji-hye Yun as Mi-ran
Jong-shin Yun as Ji-seok

Watch HERE
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Barcelona technical preview

The Grand Prix circuit near Barcelona is one that every F1 team knows well from the thousands of kilometres of testing carried out there over the winter. Few venues offer such a variety of medium and high-speed corners and it is widely acknowledged as the definitive aero circuit that provides a stern test of a Formula 1 car. With few big braking zones and so many high-speed corners, overtaking remains extremely difficult and a good qualifying performance and sensible strategy are paramount for a successful weekend.

Aerodynamic efficiency is always a key factor at Barcelona, although the introduction of the new chicane last year has replaced on of the most critical high-speed parts of the lap and means the track is not as demanding as it once was. Even so, the circuit remains the ultimate test of a car's aero package and teams will run with high downforce levels to ensure competitiveness over the whole lap.

With the suspension we have to find the best compromise to give the drivers a well balanced and responsive car. This means we will use relatively stiff settings at the front of the car to get a good change of direction, while the rear will be slightly softer in order to get the best possible traction out of the slower corners. This will be especially important this year with the removal of traction control. Ride height is also an important parameter to consider as generally we can run the car quite low in order to gain maximum aerodynamic performance.

Engine Performance
Barcelona is not generally thought of as an 'engine circuit' as the engine is not under particular stress as any point and only 62% of the lap is spent on full throttle. There are relatively few hard acceleration zones from low revs as the engine spends most of the lap accelerating from the middle of the rev range. As such, the priority is for the power delivery to be progressive and driveable in order to maintain the best handling balance, and limit tyre wear.

Barcelona is well known for being a demanding on tyre wear because it includes so many long, high-speed corners and has a fairly abrasive track surface. The tyres are therefore under high loadings, particularly the front left which has to work hard in the quick right-hand corners such as Turns 3 and 9. As a result Bridgestone will supply hard and medium compound tyres for the weekend, and the team will need to pay close attention to the wear and degradation during free practice to determine which compound to run the majority of the race with.


Raikkonen ready to continue championship fight

Kimi Raikkonen will travel to Barcelona for this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix as the championship leader. Even though the Fin showed he and team-mate Felipe Massa are in good shape at Ferrari Raikkonen will not sit back and relax. He realises the competition will be extremely motivated to chase the Ferrari duo.

Looking ahead of the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix Raikkonen said: "I've raced many times in Barcelona and I have to say it is always a very challenging circuit. But this time it will be special. I'll come to Spain as the leader of the classification, while usually I was the chaser. If I can manage to keep all the others behind me in the race that would mean that I keep them also behind in the Championship.

"My approach is the usual one: giving 100%, just like the whole team. The situation can change very quickly in Formula One. That's why it's very important to collect as many points as possible in every single race: There's still a long way to go until the title.

"The team is in good shape. My participation in last week's tests has been quite limited, due to the rain. But that's not a problem. I think we'll have a good performance and we can be really competitive; at least the components are all there. It's going to be very close: all the teams have introduced updates ahead of the first European race, which makes it even more interesting. We have won the last two races and that might make our competitors even hungrier to win."


f1 is at spain!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the 1st leg of f1 in europe will be held at spain this weekend...after serious testing...all the team(except super aguri) claim their car is more well configurated..well...we'll found out hope is high for my beloved bmw-sauber team...hoping kubica and nick to do well....since kubica grabbed the 1st pole for sauber(ironically kubica is Pole) my hope for the 1st win of sauber is extremely high...c'mon sauber...don't waste my time for not winning some race this year pleaseee...
my wish for this weekend is:
                      dear god...hope lewis hamilton died in accident...hehehehe


Happiness is history

Finally...the final exam is here....just finish my ctu553 paper and i found its quite difficult...jgn fail sudah...hehehehe....have alot of paper this semester...4 paper plus 3 repeated subject....susah wo nak score sem nih but i already try my tengok la ape jadi kat final exam nanti...rase rase nyer carry mark
dis sem okla...expect for vector analysis with i kantoi last sem...susah tol nak paham..tak tau la...terbawak bawak daripada sekolah...memang tak suke vektor drpd sekolah dulu...back to the ctu553...with my only 3 days preparation...i entered the eamination hall calmly...dlm otak target nak goreng segaring garing nyer soklan esei....objektif sure adegan tembak menembak berlaku...(mmg tembak 1/4 drpd 60 soklan)...soklan esei susah sket...nak goreng pon takde idea...tibai la ape ape....tak tau betul ke tidak...harap harp carry mark ctu leh membantu...
sekarang....bgm451 pulak...dah la tak study ape ape pon lagi nih...bace la ape ape yg patut....harap harp leh score lagi cam sem lepas walaupon rase nyer ade sedikit kemerosotan....


sakit gigi

Friday, April 18, 2008

sakit wooo...due minggu aku tahan tapi last last kene gak g jumpe doktor gigi...
hehehehehe...bukan takut tapi pagi tadi..aku gi lah ke pusat kesihatan UITM
ngan izzat kononnye nak gi buat checkup la...nak tampal ke...nak cabut ke gigi nih...izzat
pon nak tampal gi PK...nurse yang cute nih begitau dah ade 15 patient tapi sorang je
doktor....aiseh..susah la..die cakap kene gi hari isnin...huh...sekse nye la aku nak tunggu hari isnin...
sakit sgt wo..lagi lagi time malam...rase cam nak hentak kepala kat bantal..hehehe..nak hentak ke lantai nanti sakit...terpakse la tunggu hari isnin...tak kronik ke biar lame lame sakit gigi nyek??
nih ade cket gambar untuk tengok tengok....takde kaitan ngan sakit gigi aku tau...


my pic!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008


sayang sufiah.....

one of the shocking new im malaysia!!!!!
how a math prodigy turn herself to a hooker......
sad to see a muslim( dah murtad...entahla) choose the oldest profession
in the world as her career despite the brain ALLAH give to her....what a waste...
the brain should just give to me instead..hahahaha...
With the media coverage she get nowaday...
she should raise her price...hehehehe can make alot of profitkan!!!
here some of of her pic.....


My first Post!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

ello!!!!this is my first post!!!! nothing to say much but wish me luck for my final exam!!!!! 
then i will focusing on this blog....