Victorious Hamilton would have preferred easy ride

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lewis Hamilton was delighted to have won the German Grand Prix and taken a clear four point lead in the drivers' championship, but the McLaren driver said he would have liked it easier than it came when his team didn't pit him during the safety car period. 

"First of all I didn't plan on it and I would have much preferred an easy, comfortable afternoon out front," Hamilton said. "It started off well, we had two very comfortable stints and the team opted for me to stay out thinking I could make the gap, but I needed 23 seconds and had seven laps so I don't know how that would have worked out." 

On the decision not to bring him in during the safety car period Hamilton said, "There wasn't much discussion, they said the decision and I said, 'are you sure?' and they said 'yes' so that was it. We all have our decisions on thngs and I'm sure we'll learn from this and move on. We had the best car this weekend and we came out on top." 

"I was pushing hard to build the gap and came out behind Heikki, a great team mate, and I have to say thank you to him who saw I was quicker and didn't put up a big fight," Hamilton added. "I knew I was a second a lap faster than Felipe and had a few laps to get past before my tyres started graining and I just had to get him on the brakes and he gave me room so it was good fun. Then I thought my work was done and they said I had to get past Nelson who put up a battle but it was fair."