indonesia street circuit!!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

kepada peminat sukan bermotor malaysia(sesku pon sama lah)....Litar sepang dalam bahaya....dah banyak saingan kepada litar kebanggaan kita nih...setelah singapura buat street circuit...sekarang tiba turn indon lak untuk buat street circuit....nampaknya litar sepang semakin ade banyak saingan...harap harap jangan la litar sepang di dropkan drpd f1.....ok....street circuit indon nih dibuat di Lippo Village...dekat dekat ngan Jakarta....khas untuk perlumbaan A1gp....tapi mungkin jugak bakal digunakan untuk F1....kan trend sekarang negara berebut rebut nak anjur f1....kalo ade duit sume Singapura......litar ini direka oleh herman tilke....mamat nih faymes dengan design track racing ntuk f1...litar sepang pon die design tau...ok....baca artikel dibawah ntuk tau lebih lanjut tentang Lippo village street circuit.....

Organisers of A1GP Lippo Village, Indonesia have unveiled the circuit design that will be used for the sixth round of this season next February. The 3.2km street course runs clockwise around the streets of Lippo Village, near the capital city Jakarta. It comprises of 12 turns and was designed by famous track designer Herman Tilke, from the renowned Tilke Gmbh. The circuit is designed to meet all of the stringent FIA safety regulations, while still providing a challenging and exciting track with an estimated average speed of 176km/h, and the top speed reaching over 300km/h. The temporary street circuit is being built within a community setting but has been designed to minimise disruption to the community while showcasing Lippo Village, the surrounding businesses, and areas. Planned additions to the buildings in the famous Pelita Harapan University (UPH) will double up as the pit lane complex during the A1GP event, which outside each year’s race week be utilised as part of the University’s infrastructure. New roads around the township are also to be constructed with the long-term growth of Lippo Village in mind. “We’ve of course been privy to the plans and are totally committed towards having the race here in Lippo Village for at least the next five years,” said A1GP Asia-Pacific CEO, David Clare. “There is strong commitment from those involved and A1GP will play our part in ensuring this race at Lippo Village is a success.” Tickets to A1GP Lippo Village, Indonesia will go on sale in December 2008 on