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Saturday, October 18, 2008

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I've got a request from one of my blog readers to write on how a fat guy could get some girls. Well, it's my 1st time that I received a request from anyone, and I'm really flattered. So I've took some serious consideration bout it, and managed to think of some tips. Although these are only some opinions of my own, I hope it'll help, or at least if it don't, it won't make things worst. =)

My tips are as easy as ABC, so take a look. ^^

Who said physical appearance don't matter in love? It does. 1st impression is always what determines whether you're in the game or you're out. Groom yourself, don't be lazy. Don't make fat an excuse for yourself to slack off. There's no ugly women on earth, only lazy women. Same goes to the men. Take care of your hair especially, get rid of all sort of hair problems such as dandruff, oily hair. Try to avoid using thick bundle of hair product, it smells and believe me, it doesn't look as good as you think it does. If you don't know much bout hairstyling, get help, don't be afraid. Nostril hair should be kept inside your nose, make sure it's not too long till it's visible to your girl friends.

You're fat. So what? There's plenty of different type of clothes that can enhance a person's body, fat or skinny. Be wise and choose smartly. Observe the people surrounding you. Check out the other fat people around you. Some may look nice, and some totally a turn off. Learn from them. When you go shopping, don't pick on clothes that looks good on the mannequin, it never looks good on real human. Choose clothes with thicker and rough texture material rather than thin silky smooth type. Thick material helps to cover the fatties on your body while thin materials, obviously, gives you away. AVOID any clothes that shows the part of your body that you're not confident in. No sleeveless shirt if you don't have the biceps, please. Don't think that coz you're oversize, you should go for oversize T. Wrong! Go for shirts that is only slightly bigger than your size. It'll compliment your figure. As I said, you're already oversize, why enhance your size even more? I personally think that a nice dark color Polo T and a pair of jeans will do wonders for oversize men.

Your attitude matters, alot. Not having the looks and the body is already a disadvantage, so you have to make best of everything else you have. The way you see life and certain events in life should be sensible, matured and not childish or ignorant. Be positive, don't be negative. Don't act as if you don't care a damn bout the things in life, show her that you do. Girls will always like a mature man.

Background means your upbringing, education, experiences in life etc. Girls always like guys who are smarter than them. If you're not as good as her in academic wise, no problem. Just focus on things you're good at. Read up more either from the newspapers or the internet, don't just use the internet for porn. =.= Read from a variety of topics. You'll eventually know alot of stuff and can be shared with the girl. She'll think that you're a very wise matured man, instead of a childish boy. But before you do anything like that, make sure you really understand what you read, or you'll only make a fool out of yourself.

There must always be a balance in life. So you're fat, it doesn't matter. But exercise regularly, even if it doesn't help reduces your weight, it helps to build some small muscles which will come in helpful someday, and it's also good for your health. When you're out with the girl, don't order food which are oily or fatty even if you like them. Eat something healthy, let the girl know that, despite of your size, you still know how to take care of yourself, which means you can take care of her too.

A person's behavior is vital. You must act in a correct manner no matter where you are. Simple manners should not need to be mentioned here as I think all humans being should already have them, or they're not even worth to be called humans. Respect others and the rules, respect the girl most importantly, gain her respect towards you, then everything else should fall in place.

Build a strong character of yourself even if you don't have one to begin with. Be different, be unique. Again, observe from the people around you. Learn from the people you admire and the people you despise. Take in the good qualities and avoid the bad ones. Don't take it in just the way it is, modify it to suit yourself, so that your character will be original and yours only. "Learn from the best and make it your own." Remember, you want the girls to like you for who you are, not who you're acting as. So you have to be real and true to yourself.

Now this I need not explain more. Everyone loves a guy with ability to attract and influence others. Be fun, be sporting, be humourous, and most importantly, be a gentleman. So you might get a few harsh comments by people saying you're fat. So what? They're not perfect. Life is not about what we have, but about making the best of what we don't have. Start of by just smiling then try coming up with a few lines to counter back those harsh comments. The simplest way is to admit the harsh comments with a smile on your face. People won't bother to pick on you if they can't make you mad.

Cleanliness means your own personal hygiene, it's important. Fat people often sweat alot. Reasons? Go read it up yourself. Sweating alot means many problems. I know coz I'm like that too. You sweat at all occasions, whether you're nervous or you're hot. Bring a handkerchief if you must. If you're using tissue paper, please be careful and aware that there are no tissue remaining sticking on your face or neck after using it. Body odor is something that will totally turn off everyone. So use a deodorant, consult a specialist if deodorants don't help. Always wash your face with a facial cleanser. Don't just rinse with water, it'll only spread the oil all over your face causing more skin problems.

So ya, it's lengthy, but I sure do hope it helped. =)

What do the girls think?

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